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Personalized Treatment

Personalized Treatment

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Results Driven

Results Driven

Results Driven

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Personalized Treatment from Expert Physiotherapists in Surrey

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Amari Physio & Massage is a team of registered and qualified physiotherapists in Surrey. We specialize in treating musculoskeletal issues affecting the spinal, muscle, joint, myofascial segments, and soft tissue. Our approach is hands-on and effective, involving proven techniques like Manual Therapy and IMS/FDN.

We provide highly effective treatment to patients of all ages and consider their requirements. We believe that everyone is unique, requiring unique treatment. Our treatment plans include a combination of a thorough assessment, in-depth diagnosis, and expert and evidence-based physiotherapy solutions to provide our patients with the best possible healing.

As an established institution of physiotherapy in Surrey, we aim to provide high quality, affordable physiotherapy solutions and deliver effective treatment results in an honest, ethical and professional manner. We want to improve the patient's quality of life and get them on the path to healing.

We ensure we achieve these aims by:

  • Having a physiotherapy team with extensive experience of treating patients in all sectors including elite sport, hospitals, and private practice.
  • Continuing to work directly alongside Consultants, Specialists and GP’s.
  • Through Continual Professional Development and regular postgraduate training.
  • Complying with our professional bodies core standards; the standards set by external medical insurance companies and through clinical audit.
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Physiotherapy in Surrey
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Physiotherapy is a complex program that goes beyond exercises and stretches. It is an approach that influences the patient’s entire lifestyle. Professional physio in Surrey involves three distinct approaches and they are:

  • Education  - This is where our experts take a look at your lifestyle, habits, past medical history, activities, and related factors to determine the root cause of the problem. Our goal is to help you eliminate the causes and improve the quality of life. For example, if you experience numbness and tingling in the fingers and back pain, we will recommend altering your posture and give your wrist some rest to avoid repetitive stress injury.
  • Physical Rehab  - The next approach this exercise and stretches. We take your current state of health into consideration before recommending exercises. For example, if you’re elderly and suffer from knee problems, we will recommend low-impact exercises like swimming and hydrotherapy.
  • Manual Physical Therapy  - This involves hands-on treatment through massage, manipulation of the body, and mobilization. The goal is to improve blood circulation, mobility, and promote relaxation.

Are you uncertain that Physiotherapy is the solution to your pain?

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